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Supporting the development of self and team intelligence, unlocking doors to a future of opportunities.

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How do you help in-house lawyers to thrive?

People thrive when their motivation, values and purposes are truly aligned to corporate culture.  Our workshops are uniquely designed to deliver personalised learning outcomes.  Workshops are underpinned with learning science, theoretical knowledge and delivered in action-based environment.

How does your Business embody being "human"?

Our environment invites guests to reconnect with their human side as soon as they arrive.  Tasks aside, we are group of humans completely focused on developing our relationships so that we can deliver results that are more joined up.  We experiment with the "how do we do that?" allowing for trial and error in a safe learning space for all.

What is the biggest change you'd like to see in the legal profession and why?

We would like to be part of the change that is needed to connect to the human-side of client needs. In a world where "advice" can be purchased and delivered digitally, we know that relationships are a differentiator and essential to the future of service excellence.


To find out more, please contact:

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Julia Jones, Managing Director

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