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Helping you feel good about money, get financially confident, and build your own wealth so you can achieve you Big Happy Goals. 


How do you help in-house lawyers to thrive?

When you are concerned about money or have financial stress, you are not thriving - it can negatively impact your mood, productivity, sleep etc. By helping in-house lawyers to feel good about moeny and fet financially confident, it positively impacts their mental health therefore helping them to thrive. The better you feel about money, the better your ability to thrive. 

How does your Business embody being "human"?

I am super passionate about talking money in a fun, judgement-free and jargon-free way. People struggle with money because the shame of not knowing what they should be doing keeps them quiet. But money is for everyone, there are no stupid questions. And I am a big believer in sharing my own personal story about my upbringing with moeny, what I experienced and the impact it had on ALL areas of my life... not just my financial life. Money is such a powerful tool that allows you to be more of you; money is an amplifier. It is an extension of ourselves as humans. And whilst it is not a reflection of who you are, it can help you be more generous, live more authentically, be more human. And my business joins the dots between it all. 

What is the biggest change you'd like to see in the legal profession and why?

I would love to the see the perception of lawyers and money massively changed. The assumption that ALL lawyers have money and know what to do with their money is a damaging one. Lawyers are in high pressured environments, and money is emotional so lawyers are not excluded from the pitfalls of low financial literacy or poor financial decisions just because they seemingly get a good wage. I want this narrative to change to allow lawyers the space to confidently talk about money and learn about money!

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Laura Ann Moore

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