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Foundations for Thriving

This 9-month programme focuses on the essential human skills that in-house lawyers need to maximise their impact as business advisers. 


Through an immersive learning experience, combining workshops, mentoring and group discussion, delegates will explore how to maximise their contribution to the business using human skills including communication, connection and priority management.

Perfect for in-house lawyers who are:
  • keen to grow their human and business skills to accelerate their development;

  • looking for a mentor to help them navigate their career, share ideas and offer unique insights and perspectives;

  • keen to develop a community of in-house peers to share ideas and experiences during the programme and beyond.

Perfect for managers who are:
  • looking to nurture their team's development;

  • engage and motivate their team;

  • stuck for time to design their own comprehensive programme of human and business skills training.

Working Together
Foundations for Thriving (2).png
Foundations for Thriving (1).png

Join the Programme and benefit from:

  • in-person launch day event in London with development goal setting;

  • individualised pairing with a mentor;

  • virtual training session to ensure you get the most out of your mentoring experience;

  • 6 monthly mentoring sessions;

  • 6 virtual workshops focused on the human skills that in-house lawyers need to maximise their impact as business advisers;

  • 6 virtual small group reflective learning sessions to grow connections, exchange ideas and develop the skills learned in the workshops;

  • in-person closing celebration in London.

Investment: £675* + VAT

*We believe that human skills training should be accessible to all in-house lawyers and therefore if you would like to join the programme but are unable to fully fund a place please get in touch to discuss funding options.

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