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Helping drive culture change in the legal industry through the implementation of holistic wellness programmes.


How do you help in-house lawyers to thrive?

We help lawyers build more sustainable cultures through the implementation of bespoke corporate wellness programmes, designed by a lawyer, for lawyers.  We help lawyers to thrive by helping them to adopt a sustainable approach to working in law, through the use of yoga therapies.

How does your Business embody being "human"?

We firmly believe that the legal industry needs to change its outdated models and working practices, so the wellbeing of lawyers is prioritised.

What is the biggest change you'd like to see in the legal profession and why?

Mandatory implementation and offering to all employees of holistic wellness therapies.


“Millie's Monday morning class was such a grounding way to start my week.  As a busy GC in tech, I often start my week at 100mph and find it hard to quieten my mind, but after practising with Millie I went into my week feeling noticeably calmer, more clear-headed and in turn more productive."

Natalie Connor, Chief Legal Officer, Semper & Founder of Elevate

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